Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Blocks Breaker v1.81

Ouch! No posts for a long time :( It doesn't mean that I had vacations :)

Recently I have updated Blocks Breaker. I am sure you know the game very well :) For the first view not many things has changed. Main changes are in the source code. We are preparing the game for the new features. At this stage it is a bit risky to put all the changes/features at once. We have to do it step-by-step, so there won't be too many bugs and you won't have to give us 1 star :P ;)

Be sure that we are still working on the game. We are reading your reviews and comments. We also try very hard to solve all the issues you experience (some of them are harder than others and it takes much more time to fix them :().

Once again I would like to thank you for all your support and feedback :)

Btw. we already have "list of the features" we want to add to the Blocks Breaker. Maybe you want something special to be added to the game? We are definitely open minded for any suggestions from you :))

That's it... for now :P

As usual, here are the links to the Blocks Breaker :)

Get it on Google Play

Get the Blocks Breaker Android app from SlideME.

Tuesday, April 19, 2016


Yeah! Homepage for Balls Breaker is ready: www.ballsbreaker.pl !

There is also a facebook "fan page" . If you experience any issues with the game or you want to talk about the game just write to me through the Balls Breaker facebook fan page

Don't forget to "like it" (if you want of course :)).


Friday, April 15, 2016

Have you tried new Jewels?

At the end of the March I have updated Jewels game. It is really hard to say what was the biggest change. Almost every graphic was updated. Because of so many changes the current Jewels version is 2.0.

So, what was changed? :)
  • Menu!
  • Jewels title
  • Graphics in Choose World screen
  • Background themes
  • Top bar during the game
  • Graphics in Choose Level screen
  • Background animations in main menu
  • Icons
  • Board graphics
 Just take a look at the following screenhots:

I hope you will be happy with the new Jewels 2.0. Some of the changes were necessary for future game development. Yep, you can expect new worlds and levels in the following updates :)


And as usual.. download links ;)

Get it on Google Play

Monday, March 14, 2016

Balls Breaker - new music and sound effects

Background music and sound effects in Balls Breaker weren't changed from the very beginning (it is quite a long time now..:)). To be honest, I was thinking about updating the music for some time. When I was reading your comments I noticed that you also would like to hear some changes :) So, finally, here it is!

In Balls Breaker v1.90 background music (in menu and during the game) was changed. I also changed sound effects. In the previous version of Balls Breaker there was only one stage of the breaking balls. Now, there are three different variants of balls breaking. It should be much funnier now :)

I hope you will enjoy the latest version of the Balls Breaker. There will be more features soon :)

Thank you for your support and all the best!

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Get the Balls Breaker Android app from SlideME.

Monday, February 1, 2016

Blocks Breaker!

Blocks Breaker v1.72 is finally released! This update includes a lot of changes. Here are the main UI improvements:

- the menu system was re-designed;
- navigation buttons were added to the choose world and choose level screens. Previously there was no way to go back from these screens without the hardware "back" button;
- level finished and failed dialogs are changed;
- new logo design - now it fits much better to the game :)

Other changes/features? YES! New World 6! Once again you will have to train a lot to pass all the levels.

What do you think about new look & feel? :) I really hope you enjoy it.

This is not the end ;) New worlds (full of levels) will be coming in the next releases.

Get it on Google Play

Get the Blocks Breaker Android app from SlideME.