Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Blocks Breaker!

Hi there! 

Have you checked the latest version of Blocks Breaker? What do you think about new Worlds? Have you already completed all of them? :)

Yep, I know that this is not so easy task :P However, some of you have completed all levels in every World. I am sure that it was very challenging task :) And.. you still want more :)

I just want to let you know, that we work very hard on new versions of Blocks Breaker. We are also working on some new cool things. We will release more info very soon :)

Till that time.. as usual, just download Blocks Breaker and enjoy!

Get it on Google Play

Get the Blocks Breaker Android app from SlideME.

Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Balls Breaker - fixed!

Ok, after a lot of hours of debugging I think I have fixed some issues. I have tested the game on Lenovo Tab 2 and Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 and I didn't experience any problems with the game.

Game with the fix is already in the market. It is highly recommended to update the game. Unfortunately the same problem may occur in my other games. New fixed updates will be available in a short time.

Once again I am sorry for any issues. If you still experience problems with the game please, let me know and I will try to fix it.

Thank you for your patience and for a great support!

Saturday, November 5, 2016

Some issues with Balls Breaker on Galaxy Tab 2 and Lenovo Tab 2

Hi there!

Creating games and apps is not an easy task (especially on android - so many devices.. :/). I try to fix all the issues with my games (I really look into crash reports every day :)). Some of the issues are easy to fix. Some - aren't :/ It is almost impossible to fix the problem if I can't reproduce it on my side :( Recently I started to receive strange looking reports from (I think) one person.

You wrote something like this in the crash report:

"really need to address the kasurdev games fix all your glitches please!!!"

Unfortunately, there is no way to answer to you in the developer console :( Could you contact me via email or Balls Breaker facebook page? Could you provide more details?

I am sorry for any issues :( I hope I will fix the issue and you will still enjoy the game.

Saturday, September 17, 2016

Balls Breaker - 1 million on Google Play!

Hell yeah! Balls Breaker just reached 1 million downloads on Google Play! :)

To be honest.. it wasn't an easy road, but finally we are "there" :) Thank you all for your support, for downloading and playing the game. We hope that you will still enjoy the game :) All the best!

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Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Blocks Breaker - new look + new Worlds!

There it is, new Blocks Breaker! Here is the list of the changes we have made:
  • polished menu and logo in the main screen
  • new game banner
  • new "Choose World" screen - we have made a lot of effort to make this screen look great
  • new icons in "Choose level" screen
  • some other smaller changes in the UI
.. and.. as promised in the previous update.. we also added new Worlds! In Blocks Breaker there are 9 challenging Worlds now!

There is also a new Blocks Breaker website: . It is just a visit page, but.. we really like it.. especially the top of the page :)

This is not the end, there will be more features in the upcoming versions. Till that time we hope that you will enjoy the game. All the best!


Download links:

Get it on Google Play

Get the Blocks Breaker Android app from SlideME.