The kasur(dev) blog was started somewhere in the middle of the holidays in 2010. It was inspired by the Daj sie poznac contest. After some time (and after writing some android posts) I decided to change the general direction of the blog. I decided that this blog will be (mainly) a distribution channel for games and apps developed for the Android platform (and maybe for other platforms in the future) by using my small game framework called kasuroid.

What is kasuroid?
It is a game framework (oh, let's say that this should become a game framework somewhere in the future.. :)) which allows developing 2d games for Android platform. Skeleton of the framework is already created. New features are added to the kasuroid "on demand", e.g. when there is such need during the game development. I decided for this solution because I didn't want to focus for too much time on developing the framework itself without creating anything useful (e.g. games :)). Additionally, creating the games is the best way (at least in my opinion) for checking and testing ideas, which then may be added (in generic way) to the framework.

If you have any suggestions, opinions, questions, or you just want to say that you don't like this blog :P, write to kasurdev (at) gmail.com.

Btw. all stuff in this blog I made/wrote/created in my spare time. Yep, I'm yet another bored developer :)