Sunday, May 6, 2012

Balls Master - new game!

Hello there!

For the last couple of days/weeks I was working on new game. I love popper games and I really like including something new in my games with every new release. 

This time I changed game rules a little bit. Usually in my games you have to pop at least 2 same hmm.. "shapes" but now it is a little harder. You have to collect at least 3 same balls to break them out. And yes, there are a lot of other new things. You will have to download the app to check it out :)

The game title is.. Balls Master!

Yeaahh... this will be the "master" series :)

I will also prepare version for Bada, so please, stay tuned Bada users!

Saturday, May 5, 2012

New version of Aliens Popper for Android

Hi everyone!

I'm glad to announce that new version of Aliens Popper is available on Android Market and Slide Me.

This update includes a lot of changes:

- new levels!
- in-game menu changed to context menu
- "jump to level" option
- help update
- difficulty modes: Easy, Medium, Hard, Extreme
- settings update
- restarting the board
- top status fixes
- double sound issue fixed
- multiple dialogs issue fixed

I think that the most important features are 4 difficulty modes: Easy, Medium, Hard and Extreme. I also changed the logic of levels. I hope that now you won't stuck for too long at specific level.

Let me know if you enjoy new version of Aliens Popper! Happy playing!