Saturday, August 1, 2015

Leaderboard and achievements in Magic Jewels!

It was a busy time :) I just released a new version of Magic Jewels v1.80. There are quite a lot of changes. First of all I have added integration with Google Play. Now you can sign in with your Google account. When you are signed in you can compete with all the players around the world. You can also collect achievements. There will be more achievements in the future :)

Yes! Leaderboard and achievements are the biggest changes in this update.

There are some new options available in the main menu screen:

- sign in/sign out  - you will be automatically signed in on the game start, but you can always sign out and you will still be able to play the game;

- leaderboard - see the online scores;

- achievements - see the achievements;

You can also see your game progress from the level finished/failed screens.

Ps. Don't worry, signing in is not something "required". If you don't want to be signed in, just sign out from the main menu :) You can still play the game without signing in.

I hope you will like this update. In the one of the next updates, hopefully, I am going to add new levels and worlds. So, lets get some achievements :)

Get it on Google Play