Monday, March 14, 2016

Balls Breaker - new music and sound effects

Background music and sound effects in Balls Breaker weren't changed from the very beginning (it is quite a long time now..:)). To be honest, I was thinking about updating the music for some time. When I was reading your comments I noticed that you also would like to hear some changes :) So, finally, here it is!

In Balls Breaker v1.90 background music (in menu and during the game) was changed. I also changed sound effects. In the previous version of Balls Breaker there was only one stage of the breaking balls. Now, there are three different variants of balls breaking. It should be much funnier now :)

I hope you will enjoy the latest version of the Balls Breaker. There will be more features soon :)

Thank you for your support and all the best!

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