Friday, December 26, 2014

World 3 in Balls Breaker!

Finally, World 3 is here!

I have just updated the Balls Breaker v1.50. This update includes:
- some bug fixing
- stars info in the "choose world" screen
- to unlock next world you have to complete at least 85% of the previous world
- and.. the most important thing: World 3, with new 60 levels!

World 3 has a new skin and new balls layout. Because of the different shape of the board game should be more interesting and challenging. Don't wait, just download or update the game now :)

Get it on Google Play 

Ps. I am sorry, that you had to wait a longer time for the new world. But.. I hope you will enjoy new levels and yep, I have a plan to add more worlds in the near future ;)

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Some problems on HTC devices (only)


A few days ago Google released a new version of the Google Play Services. This library is automatically pushed to Android devices. Unfortunately, this release causes crashes on HTC devices with Android 4.0.x. I just updated Blocks Breaker with workaround. Google Team is already investigating this issue (it was marked as high priority ). So, hopefully, it will be fixed very soon. Other devices shouldn't be affected.

In the meantime, if you have HTC device with Android 4.0.x please update Blocks Breaker game. This is a quick release and more gane changes (yep, already promised World 3 :)) will be added in the next release :)

I am sorry for that, thank you, and best regards!