Tuesday, July 9, 2019

Jewels Treasure Hunter on Android and iOS!

 Hi there, I would like to present my new game: "Jewels Treasure Hunter".

Have you played my old "Jewels" game? If yes then you definitelly should try Jewels Treasure Hunter :)

Like in my other games, your mission is to remove all the gems from the board. During the game you will collect golden stars and, depending on how many stars you collect, you will unlock new Worlds.. or in this case.. Chests :) Yeah, I think I will change "world" to chests.. :)

There are no in-app purchases in the game. You can finish the game without any extra (paid.. :/) help. However I am not so evil ;) There are powerups: hammer, bomb and the wand. Powerups are charged during your play. In other words - more jewels you break - more powerups you get.

Currently there are 12! different worlds. I will be adding new worlds in the next updates.

What do you think? How do you like Jewels Treasure Hunter?

Here are some screenshots:

So, if you like "matching" games you may like Jewels Treasure Hunter game. You can download the game by clicking following banners:

Get it on Google Play
iOS (iPhone/iPad):

I hope you will enjoy Jewels Treasure Hunter. It was really fun to make it ;)