Monday, September 3, 2018

New Balls Breaker HD - extremely smooth gameplay!

Hello there!

For the last couple of weeks there was no update about Balls Breaker HD in this blog. I am sorry fot that. This of course doesn't mean that I stopped working on the game - totally opposite! :)

Last updates to the game brought a lot of improvements, check this out:

# Amazingly smooth gameplay - yeah! This was something I really wanted to make for a very long time. Now you can touch any balls during the animations (previously you had to wait until animation ends). It works like "multitouch" right now ;) And.. this functionality is really unique comparing to other "similar" games ;) I will try prepare some video to show you the difference.

# Bug fixes - during the work on "smooth gameplay" I have fixed lots of bugs. Some of the crashes in the previous builds were very hard to find and fix. And now they are gone! :)
Btw. there is no such thing like "bugs free software" :P, so please let me know in case of any issue. I really read all the comments in the developer consoles, thanks ;)
 # New Worlds - yes! There are also new Worlds and levels ;)
# What next?

I am still improving the game. I have lots of ideas how to make it better. Stay tuned for some "extra" worlds which will change your balls breaking strategy.. again ;)

Thank you all for your continous support and feedback :)

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