Tuesday, August 3, 2021

Ball Sort Master - another sorting game? :)


Hi there! I would like to present my new game, called Ball Sort Master :)

The idea of this game is to sort balls in tubes. I know that there are a lot of similar games in the market, but here are some of the key and unique features of my game.


I have developed my own cool algorithm to find the best next possible move. If you play hard level hint will help you to discover next move. Sometimes you may stuck and there won't be any solution. Still, no worries :) Just go to "safe state". In my opinion "hint" is the best feature in this game. No more skipping levels, no more frustration, just pure fun and relax. However, every level is solvable and can be solved without any "helpers".


There may be a situation (especially in harder levels) that there won't be a solution. Just press "hint" and if solution won't be possible you will be prompted to go to "safe state". Press the button, watch few balls animations and your board will be moved to the state where solution is still possible. I love it! :)


For me just solving puzzles is sometimes not enough. I like to be challenged even with myself. That is why there is a "steps counter". As I mentioned every level is solvable, but there may be multiple paths of the solution. Try to find the best path and beat given steps. Additionally, if you beat steps you will be rewarded :)


Nothing more to say. You can undo all your moves.


If you don't like hints just add extra tube and hard level will become a little bit easier.


Oh.. it was so difficult to create proper pallette of the balls. I felt myself that I would like to have a choice. That is why you can change your tubes, backgrounds and balls. Sometimes black is the best at night, but for example the white one is best during the sunny day. I am sure you will find your favorite one.


Your progress is continously stored on your phone. It means that you can stop playing anytime you want. When you go back you will start from your last point. So cool :)

Of course there are some other features like daily gifts, golden stars for completing levels etc. I really hope you will like, so don't wait any longer and download it from the market :)

Get it on Google Play

Thursday, April 1, 2021

Balls Breaker - (R)Evolution (Android)

Hello there! How are you? I hope you are all doing fine and stay healthy.

I have some news :) I was working very hard for the last months preparing new features to Balls Breaker HD. The list of the features is long, but.. let's check it.

1) Bonus Worlds - oh yeah, I have improved internal "balls engine" and finally I am able to add more amazing worlds to the game. Currently I have added 6 new bonus worlds. You unlock bonus worlds after finishing 50% of the main world. Stars collected in the bonus worlds are also used to unlock new worlds.

2) Gold - I have to admit that for a very long time I was thinking how to add more possibilities to manage content in the game. After a lot thinking (and beers? :)) I decided that I will add coins to the game. I wanted to give players more freedom what to do and how to play the game. With coins you can use powerups very fast and easy, you can collect and double your coins while finishing levels (there are some tricks to get even more coins.. ;)) or you can skip levels with coins instead of watching the ad. Still.. to play the game you don't have to do anything with the coins. Powerups are still charging while you are breaking the balls :)

3) New Store - so, after I added game currency I had to change the store. Right now the only thing you can buy with real money are coins and no-ads premium version of the game (I highly recommend it ;)). In the new Store you can exchange coins for powerups packages, balls and backgrounds. You can also get free coins for watching video ad.

4) Store - balls - in the previous version of the game you couldn't change balls during your game. Balls were changing automatically in specific Worlds. Now, you can exchange coins for the balls you want and you feel good. If you don't buy any balls then you will play as in the previous version. Currently there are 6 different sets of balls. Stay tuned for more awesome balls :)

5) Store - backgrounds - it is very similar to the store with balls. Just choose and play with your favorite background. Currently there are 6 types of backgrounds. There will be more in the next updates.

6) Store - powerups - here you can exchange your coins for powerups. You can buy single powerup or powerups packages. It is good to collect more coins and buy bigger package - you will just get more powerups.

7) New Daily Gift - there was already a daily gift in the game where you were getting powerups. But.. you were getting only powerups. With coins you are getting more and more coins every day. As a hint I can tell you that after 7 days you will be still getting more coins :) After updating the game your daily gift progress will stay at the same level. You will just get coins :) And with coins you can do a lot of stuff.. :) 

8) New.. old.. "game mode" -  I called it "Adventure" - if you think that there will be a new game mode then... you are damn right! :D

I really hope you will enjoy new version. Currently it is available for Android on Google Play. iOS version is coming and should be available in the next days.

Don't forget to rate the game :) Please let me know in case of any issues and thank you for your support.