Wednesday, May 21, 2014

New Jewels v1.19

A few days ago I have released new version of Jewels. The first new feature is unlimited undo move option. Till now you could only undo last move. It was ok, but it could be improved of course :) So from now on you can undo all your moves and fix your strategy mistakes at any point of the game, yeah! ;)

The second feature is a share option. This option is very popular in many games. I thought that maybe some of you would like to share with others your game progress ;) So yes, now you can share Jewels with your friends (and the rest of the world ;)).

In the next release I will add possibility for saving the board. I think it will be very useful feature as finishing the more complicated boards is time consuming (and some of you already requested this feature ;)).

I hope you will enjoy new version of Jewels ;)

And yes,  we are working on new levels.. Thank you all for playing and your reviews. We read them all ;)

Ah.. and download links ;)

Get it on Google Play

Get the Jewels Android app from SlideME.