Monday, January 2, 2017


All the best in new 2017! I would like to thank you all for the next year together :) I hope 2017 will be much, much better for everyone ;)

So, what are the plans for 2017? Let's see.. ;)

1) New updates to the current games - I still have a lot of ideas how to improve the games. I also read your comments and try to fix all the issues. Unfortunately sometimes it is very hard to reproduce the issue and fix it. Once again thank you for your patience and the support.

2) January 2017 will be crazy - for the last couple of months we were working very hard on a new game. The plan is to release the game in January on the major platforms: Android, iOS, Windows Phone, and maybe even for the PCs ;) If you are courius enough you may already know something about the game.. ;)

3) Yes! We are going to publish new games! :) We already have some ideas, some of them are hmm.. interesting ;)

The list above seems to be short, but.. it really isn't ;) There is a lot of work to do.

Stay tuned for the next updates.

All the best!