Thursday, November 28, 2013

Magic Jewels updated!

As you saw in the previous post I have added "Choose level screen" to the Blocks Breaker. I think this is a very good aproach, so I am adding this screen to my other games (if it makes sense ;)).

The next one is Magic Jewels! This game has changed a lot recently. I have added new features, updated graphics and music. I really hope you enjoy new version :)

So, keep playing and stay tuned for the next updates. They are coming.. ;)

Download Magic Jewels now! :)
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Friday, October 18, 2013

Blocks Breaker with "Choose level" screen - finally!

Whoaaa... finally I have added the "Choose level" screen to Blocks Breaker!

Many of you claimed that there is no way to play previous (already completed) levels. It was possible from the begining, but the option was hmm.. hidden (under the "Menu" button in the play screen).

With the latest version of Blocks Breaker it is very easy to play different levels. When you press the "Play" button in the main menu "Choose level" screen will be shown. Then just touch the proper level icon. You can also see how many stars you got for the levels (try to get all of them ;)).

I didn't remove the "Change level" option from the "Menu" in the play screen, so you don't have to go back to the "Choose level" screen to change the current level.

I hope you enjoy this feature :) If so then I will add it to other games.


Get the Blocks Breaker Android app from SlideME.

Sunday, September 8, 2013

Magic Jewels - a lot of changes!

Magic Jewels is one of the oldest games in my portfolio. For the last couple of weeks I was working on new update. I improved jewels graphics, changed backgrounds (you still can change them manually), added background music (I hope you like it ;)) and some other smaller things which I just don't remember.

I highly recommend you to update the game and enjoy playing ;) Just look at the new screenshots:

And yes.. new updates are coming ;)

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Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Balls Breaker v1.18!

Balls Breaker v1.18 is available for download. I have fixed a few bugs. Now it is also possible (based on the level complication) to pass the level without getting any star. This is one of the solution for the very hard levels.

Btw. there are a lot of new things coming soon.. yeah, we work very hard to satisfy you ;)

Happy playing :)

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Get the Balls Breaker Android app from SlideME.

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Jewels and Balls Breaker - updates

A couple of weeks ago I have released the new Jewels and Balls Breaker with some bug in the code (I am really sorry for that). Unfortunately this bug may cause hungs and black screen on startup. I have reverted the changes and released new updates. It is highly recommended to update the games to the latest versions.

Here are the links to the markets with the latest versions:

Get it on Google Play

New updates are coming, so please stay tuned ;)

Btw. thank you for noticing me about this issue (you know who I am talking about.. ;)). Your  feedback is very important and makes me working harder ;)

Monday, May 27, 2013

Bubbles v1.0!

Finally! It has been a really (but really :P) long time since the last update of Bubbles. Do you remember Bubbles? This funny, tiny game where you have to move/swipe bubbles to create bigger ones and get some score? :)

New version Bubbles v1.0 includes a LOT of new updates, fixes and features.

I have changed almost all the graphics: menu, logo, dialogs, backgrounds, top status in the gameplay. I am quite happy with the final result :)

One of you, great players, have mentioned in the review about adding "throwing" possibility. Yes, now it is there! Now you can just hmm.. throw the bubble outside the border. The bigger bubble the harder throwing is, but yeah.. I didn't want to make it too easy :P

The other quite important new stuff is integration with the Scoreloop! From now on you can compete with other players. Currently there is only online scoring, but I have a plan to add some more online functionality in the near future :)

I hope you will enjoy new "polished" version of the Bubbles v1.0. Below are the links to the markets :)

Saturday, March 23, 2013

Jewels update for Android!

Hello there! ;) I have just released new version of Jewels for Android. Jewels v1.01 brings some changes to the game look. First of all I tuned up graphics of jewels (I hope you enjoy it). Second, I changed the look of the menu items. Now, menu is generated in more dynamic way. I have also fixed some higher levels - now it should be easier to complete the hardest levels. Plus of course I have fixed some bugs ;)

Btw. to play different levels: start the game -> press "menu" button in the top right corner of the screen -> choose previous/next level (if available) from the options dialog. Repeat this action till you get to the proper level.


In Jewels v1.01 I have replaced Previous/Next level options with one "Change level" option. After you click it you should see similar dialog:

Use "<<" and ">>" or slider to select the level. Tap "Change" to jump to the selected level.

Once again, thank you all for the support and feedback. I really appreciate it and I am very happy that you enjoy playing my games :)

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Sunday, January 13, 2013

Jelly Stars for Android!

Yeah! Finally I have ported (and just uploaded) Jelly Stars for Android! Rules are simple (as usual :>) and similar to Jelly Stars on Bada. It also includes different language versions. I don't want to copy the description from Google Market. Just go to market and download it :)

I hope you enjoy it and that 13th of January 2013 will be a lucky day for Jelly Stars! :)

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