Monday, May 27, 2013

Bubbles v1.0!

Finally! It has been a really (but really :P) long time since the last update of Bubbles. Do you remember Bubbles? This funny, tiny game where you have to move/swipe bubbles to create bigger ones and get some score? :)

New version Bubbles v1.0 includes a LOT of new updates, fixes and features.

I have changed almost all the graphics: menu, logo, dialogs, backgrounds, top status in the gameplay. I am quite happy with the final result :)

One of you, great players, have mentioned in the review about adding "throwing" possibility. Yes, now it is there! Now you can just hmm.. throw the bubble outside the border. The bigger bubble the harder throwing is, but yeah.. I didn't want to make it too easy :P

The other quite important new stuff is integration with the Scoreloop! From now on you can compete with other players. Currently there is only online scoring, but I have a plan to add some more online functionality in the near future :)

I hope you will enjoy new "polished" version of the Bubbles v1.0. Below are the links to the markets :)

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