Tuesday, October 20, 2015

New World 4 in Balls Breaker!

Many of you asked me (for a very long time) for more levels in Balls Breaker. I was thinking a lot how to build new levels. From the very beginning the idea was to create new world, that is similar to others, but the gameplay is different. Different doesn't mean not challenging or not funny :) To be honest it is always hard task :)

Finally, I took the risk and designed new, challenging (I hope :P) World 4! In this world balls mechanic is (again) different than in other worlds. You need to re-thing the strategy of breaking the balls. Difficulty has also changed, because balls are flying around the screen in a little (yes) different way ;)

I hope you will enjoy new World 4 in Balls Breaker. World 4 is not the last world. I am going to add more worlds soon.

There will be also some other changes (good changes :)) in the next updates. Yes, game is not dead, it is still under development :)

As usual, thank you all for the support. I really appreciate it. This is something that motivates me.


And.. link :)

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