Thursday, December 16, 2010

kasuroid in Camangi Market!

I'm proud to announce that all games where accepted by the Camangi Market. Now you can play the kasuroid games also on tablets. Woohoo! :)

You may ask what the hell is a Camangi Market?

The Camangi is a company which produces tablets with Android (as far as I know). They created their own market with the applications. The Camangi Market is not so big as official Android Market, but has a good potential, especially in case of tablets.

Additionally, Camangi decided to promote their market and tablets. They promised to give the Camangi WebStation tablet to every developer who will upload at least 5 applications. Of course applications must be accepted by the test team (this is a very good thing).

So yes, I'm the one of the developers who just received the Camangi tablet :) It's quite fun to see my applications running on tablet. I will try to present some video about the tablet.

The other thing is that I had to change the kasuroid to support the bigger screens. The problem was with scaling the resources. From now on I'm scaling the resources manually. This is because Android 1.5 (which is running on my tablet) doesn't support automatically the different screen resolutions.

I'm quite happy about new device. Now I can at least see how the applications behave on real device before submitting them to the market :)

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