Friday, March 18, 2011

Issue with QVGA :/

I read in comments that some games don't work properly on specific devices. For example Magic Jewels is not fully drawn on HTC Wildfire. I have just realized that I don't handle the QVGA resolution correctly :( This is why not all jewels are rendered (or they are covered by menu). Yep, this is why I got so many 1 or 2 stars :/ 

By default game is prepared to be rendered in 320x480 resolution. It will be also properly rendered in any other resoluton but only with the same hmm.. ratio. So for example game will be rendered properly in 640x960 or 160x240. Here ratio is ~0.6. Unfortunately, ratio for QVGA is different. It is 0.75. This is huge difference for rendering.

I have to think for a while how to solve this issue. I definitely don't want to disable support for smaller screens.

I apologize all of you for that inconvenience.

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