Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Flood Extreme released!

Me and vrt were preparing for quite a long time another amazing game for you :) This time it is Flood Extreme! You can download it from here.

The idea of the game is similar to Flood or Flood Me games. You have to fill the board with a single color in less than allowed steps. Sounds easy? Just try it :)

Flood Extreme is more complex than previous games (or any other similar game available on the market). It contains two game modes and five difficulty levels. It gives you 10 different gameplays! By default you will play Adventure in easy. You can change it anytime you want. Just go to settings in the main menu.

Vrt added sound effects and background music (personally I love the music in the main menu :)).

Not yet convinced? Just check the features list:

- different skins, see settings in main menu
- many board sizes
- lot of levels, lot of fun!
- two game modes: Adventure and Tactic
- 5 difficulty modes: lame, easy, medium, hard, extreme
- sound effects
- background music for menu and gameplay
- fast jumping to completed levels
- moving to previous or next level
- number of the last played level is stored on the phone
- player statistics
- support for tablets
- and much more...

We hope you will enjoy the game! 
Don't forget to rate it 5! Thanks :)

If you have any suggestions about the game or you notice any bug just let us know.


  1. Good game, but when I exit the app on my HTC Evo shift, the music keeps playing for a few mins before it finally stops. Weird.

  2. Hmm... weird. Music should be stopped when application exits. Let me check it :)