Friday, November 9, 2012

New Jewels X available in Samsung Apps!

Uff.. Jewels X v0.73 is now available in Samsung Apps! I hope there won't be any issues with GalaxyS3/Note/Note2 devices.

 I have received from you a lot of questions about Jewels X from Samsung Apps. The current version of Jewels in Samsung Apps is 0.70. This version doesn't work properly on Samsung Galaxy S3/Note/Note2.

The latest version 0.73 (which _works_ fine) is available on Google Play. I have uploaded the new version also to Samsung Apps but it takes up to 7 working days till it will be available. Please be patient.

I am really sorry for that :( Once again, If you have Samsung Galaxy S3/Note/Note2 download Jewels X from Google Play or Slide Me market.

Update: new version of Jewels X has been just approved by Samsung Apps review team. It should be pushed to the market in one, maximum two days. I hope you will enjoy the new version :)

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