Friday, April 15, 2016

Have you tried new Jewels?

At the end of the March I have updated Jewels game. It is really hard to say what was the biggest change. Almost every graphic was updated. Because of so many changes the current Jewels version is 2.0.

So, what was changed? :)
  • Menu!
  • Jewels title
  • Graphics in Choose World screen
  • Background themes
  • Top bar during the game
  • Graphics in Choose Level screen
  • Background animations in main menu
  • Icons
  • Board graphics
 Just take a look at the following screenhots:

I hope you will be happy with the new Jewels 2.0. Some of the changes were necessary for future game development. Yep, you can expect new worlds and levels in the following updates :)


And as usual.. download links ;)

Get it on Google Play


  1. 04/06/2016: have installed the latest update of Jewels. When playing the highest game (53?) In level 7, when finishing with a win, I get the error-message "Jewels has stopped" and the program stops. This happened already 10 times this week, so my smartphone sent me a warning.
    Can you fix this, please?

    1. Hi Joan, thanks for your comment. I am going to investigate this issue and try to fix it. Best!

  2. Joan, I think I found the problem. It was a "stupid bug". I am fixing it and I will make an update today. Once again thanks for posting it :)

    1. I have just made an update. I think issue is fixed now. New version of Jewels should be available in the Google Play market in a couple of hours. All the best!