Saturday, July 2, 2016

Balls Breaker - new worlds!

Hi there :)

New Balls Breaker is available in the markets! :) 

In this update I have finally added new three worlds: World 7, World 8 and World 9. There are 9 worlds in Balls Breaker now. To play new worlds you have to finish previous worlds, but... I am pretty sure you won't be dissapointed :) Once again you will have to analyze your strategy, think and then break some balls :)

If you have any suggestions don't hesitate and just send me an email :) There will be more features in the next releases.

Have fun and best regards! :)

Get it on Google Play

Get the Balls Breaker Android app from SlideME.


  1. Can this game be synced on multiple devices so that I can start where I left off on my last game?

  2. Hi, thanks for your comment ;) In the current version.. you can't :/ I was thinking about adding such feature, but.. to achieve that, you would have to log in with your Google or Facebook account. This is the best solution. Unfortunately many people don't like to be logged in. I will think about some other solution, or maybe I will just add such option: you can do that, but you don't have to ;) What do you think? Best!