Saturday, November 5, 2016

Some issues with Balls Breaker on Galaxy Tab 2 and Lenovo Tab 2

Hi there!

Creating games and apps is not an easy task (especially on android - so many devices.. :/). I try to fix all the issues with my games (I really look into crash reports every day :)). Some of the issues are easy to fix. Some - aren't :/ It is almost impossible to fix the problem if I can't reproduce it on my side :( Recently I started to receive strange looking reports from (I think) one person.

You wrote something like this in the crash report:

"really need to address the kasurdev games fix all your glitches please!!!"

Unfortunately, there is no way to answer to you in the developer console :( Could you contact me via email or Balls Breaker facebook page? Could you provide more details?

I am sorry for any issues :( I hope I will fix the issue and you will still enjoy the game.


  1. Is this game available for the iPhone

    1. Hi Deborah! Not yet :) But.. we are working very hard on "something", which will be available also on iPhone :) Please stay tuned, we are going to release some more information very soon :)