Monday, January 28, 2019

World of Blocks iOS and Android - 30.01.2019!

Hello there!

I have just checked the date of the last post.. Wow.. shame on me :P

I wasn't posting too much, but it doesn't mean that I was doing nothing.. maybe sometimes ;)

So, I was working not only on updates of the current games, but I was also working on something new.. World of Blocks!

Check out the official trailer for iOS:

Official release date of World of Blocks is 30.01.2019.

Game is for free and you can pre-order it here in the AppStore

Of course I didn't forget about Android ;) Here is the link to beta.

On 30.01.2019 World of Blocks will be available on both platforms.

Ps. Promo video for Android has to be done in "landscape".. it will be ready very soon. Stay tuned.

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