Sunday, May 17, 2020

Balls Breaker HD


Hello there! I hope you all are doing fine.
I have just updated Balls Breaker HD!

So, what has changed since the last update? Few things
  1. I redesigned main menu - I had to make a "space" for something new.. stay tuned
  2. I improved top panels - I noticed that it was hard to press buttons in top panels, like powerups and undo in the game screen. I hope it will be better now
  3. I improved levels - I am still working on them.
  4. I added information in the "choose world" screen about how many stars you have to collect to unlock next World. It should be more clear now.
  5. I added some more extra effects when you complete level with 3 stars
  6. .. and as usual some bug fixing.
I hope you will have more fun and relax with this version. I am still working on some new features.

All the best and keep safe!

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