Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Words Master

Words Master is a next (quite challenging) game developed with the kasuroid framework. The aim of this game is to guess words using the grid tips:

- red field - letter exists in the word and is at good position (however it may mean that letter also exists at other positions)
- yellow field - letter exists but currently is at wrong position
- grey field - letter doesn't exist in the word.

Currently game supports following features:
- smooth animations
- time mode
- top scores
- more than 2000 words!
- different grid sizes
- three difficulty modes
- bonus points
- custom keyboard
- may be ran on tablets

Click here to download from Android Market


Words Master v1.2
- pause menu added (press BACK or MENU button to pause the game)
- extended keyboard to support removing last letter (press "<" to erase last letter and move one field back)

Words Master v1.1
- second type of the keyboard added
- UI fixes
- "Play again" option added to the game over menu

Words Master v1.0.3
- supports for 6' and 10' tablets

Words Master v1.0.2
- better virtual keyboard support
- other small fixes
- main menu changed (homepage link added)

Words Master v1.0.1
- better keyboard layout
- keyboard keys should be more responsive

Words Master v1.0
- first release

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