Sunday, January 2, 2011

Magic Balls

Magic Balls is a logic game. Tap at least two one color balls. They will be removed and other balls will fall down.
To complete the level you have to remove all balls from the board. Next level is unlocked when current level is completed. In the top menu you can see how many moves you did. It is stored in the game so you can always back and try to bit yourself. Use prev/next buttons to traverse the completed levels. Use reset button to generate new board.

Click here to download Magic Balls from the Android Market


Magic Balls v0.4
- new Admob SDK version
- exit issue fixed

Magic Balls v0.1
- first version


  1. Hiho, cool game. But will this game be continued? I finished lvl 30 more than 5 times. Maybe there come more levels. :)

  2. Congrats! :) Yes, I will add more levels in the next (coming) release. Stay tuned! :)

  3. I just had update & it changed appearance. Can i have old appearance?

  4. Hi, unfortunately not. I will think about adding option for switching the themes, but hmm.. don't you like the new version? I think it is better than previous one. I still hope that you enjoy the game :)

  5. I love the game very addicted. But no, sorry, i dont like the new version. :(

  6. I knew that not everybody will be happy :P I will try to add option to switch the themes then (in one of the next releases).