Thursday, May 5, 2011

New Stars Sky released!

I think some of you couldn't wait for the new version of the Stars Sky. I was thinking a lot how to improve the gameplay. This release includes new difficulty mode. It is called... "normal" mode :) The current one is easy (enabled by default) and the new one is normal (it is called normal because I have a plan to add harder "hard" mode in the future :)). I think (and hope..) that normal mode will bring new feelings to the gameplay.

What is normal mode?

In normal mode every galactic can connect only given number of stars. Even if all stars are connected (turned to blue) level won't be finished if any of the galactic is not connected to the proper number of stars. For the first few levels it is quite easy, but it should be more and more interesting later :) All levels are solvable. You have to find the proper configuration :)

I hope that you will enjoy the new version of the Stars Sky.


  1. Totally love star sky. Its so chilled out and completely absorbiing. Best thing on android. What a find. Total gem. Thankyou for filling so much of my time

  2. Thank you for your kind words :) I really appreciate it. It is great to hear that someone enjoys my work :)

  3. Perfect game! I love it! Thx a lot :)