Thursday, May 19, 2011

Nuclear Balls WVGA in Samsung Apps!

Today Samsung launched Nuclear Balls for WVGA devices to the market! Here is the link. As you can see it looks a litle better than WQVGA version. That's because WQVGA screens are generally poor (16bpp screen buffer?). For example in such screen alpha channel for drawing primitives is not supported :/ But I still want to support in my apps those devices. It requires some additional work, but.. why not ;) Other thing is that I have only Wave723 for testing ;P

I think this is a good news. As I already mentioned Flood is under device testing. I want to port more games to Bada somewhere in the near future. But now I want to focus on two new game ideas :) For now I have only ideas, but the weekend is coming so I hope to code a little ;)

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